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Rollercoaster “High Society”

CAT N.: SS001
BARCODE: 8016670637424
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Tracklisting: All These Nights / The Music Saves / Orgy / She Said / On A Kundalini’s Chair / Follow Me Through The Desert / Nosebleeding / Such A Spy in Our Mind / Come On / Cut Me Out Of This Shitty Scene / Grown Up Wrong

englishIt all began in the year 2000, when the five tracks of the 10″ The Thrill Crowd caused quite a storm. Rollercoaster first official issue was greeted and praised with excitement by the press and, what really matters, deeply loved by an increasing number of fans, gathering for the band gigs, which enclosed the Beach Bum Festival (along Idlewild, Embrace and Doves) and opening sets for Motorpsycho and The Hives.
The record has even been played around the web by Screamin’ Steamin’ Audio (Philadelphia) and by Antenna Internet Radio (Seattle) and got a 10/12 mark on the german rockmag Visions.
rcmnvThe history of Rollercoaster was actually more than a little bit longer, tracing back to the early ’90s, when the three boys, back in their native Sardinia, used to spend their time reaharsing cover songs from The Stooges, Velvet Underground, The Cramps, Jesus & Mary Chain, MC5, Rolling Stones, The 13th Floor Elevators, Sonic Youth and, yes, also Nirvana.
Recorded in the analogic Alpha Eartbase Studios in Florence, this record is raw and drenched with style at the same time; the anger of Come On melts into the hypnotic trip into love of Such a Spy in Our Minds, Nosebleeding is a glorious ride into the darkness, then the irresistible riff and the psychedelic coda of She Said turn the calendar back to year 1969.
At the time of its release we wrote “High Society it’s an album you’ll listen to in the year 2015”. In 2009 we can’t avoid to recognise the truly rock’n’roll spirit of the band, anticipating the wave that, with the likes of White Stripe, The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Hives, was going to put high again the 60s oriented guitar sound. And there are many people who remember well Rollercoaster and their shows. With the band rebirth in San Francisco, where the lead singer and guitarist Matteo Perra moved in 2002, and a new single out in the US and on digital stores, is maybe time for a comeback? Check their my space link to stay updated.

italiaNel 2000 il 10″ The Thrill Crowd era stato uno dei casi underground dell’anno. High Society ha confermato i Rollercoaster, trio di origini sarde, come la più affascinante ed energica band in circolazione, collezionando una serie impressionante di recensioni entusiaste, fra cui un 10/12 su Visions, il più importante rock magazine tedesco.
Registrato in analogico da Giuseppe Barone e Giacomo Fiorenza presso gli Alpha Earthbase Studios di Scandicci (FI), High Society è un disco grezzo ed elegante al tempo stesso, concepito per catturare l’high energy rock’n’roll sprigionato dal vivo. L’impronta Stooges di Come On e il rock blues di marca Rolling Stones/Make Up di The Music Saves si fondono nel viaggio ipnotico ispirato da Bowie di Such A Spy in Our Minds; Nosebleeding è una cavalcata in un’oscurità appena illuminata dagli inserti dei fiati, al crocevia fra Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 e Spiritualized, mentre la coda di She Said riporta il calendario alla psichedelia-garage 60s.kunda1
A distanza di anni, non si può riconoscere la genuinità e il telento di una band che ha incarnato appieno, nel bene e nel male, lo spirito del r’n’r, anticipando l’onda che avrebbe riportato in alto, cavalcata da nomi come White Stripes, The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club e the Hives, il guitar sound di stampo vintage. In tanti ricordano con entusiasmo i Rollercoaster e i loro live show. Con la rinascita della band in quel di San Francisco a opera del cantante e chitarrista Matteo Perra, che lì si è trasferito nel 2002, e un nuovo singolo pubblicato negli States e disponibile sui principali digital stores, potrebbe essere in vista un ritorno sulle scene? News e updates sul myspace.

Class Act! 7/10 Metal Hammer (UK)
Rollercoaster are as inventive as they are historians. Loud Planet (UK)
Fuzzed out keyboard driven acid fused analogue psychedelic blues edged garage rock. Think retro Motorpsycho, think Hives, the Cramps, the Stones – it’s an underground cult thing. Organ (UK)
Compelling, collectable and sure to be a cult classic of its own. Here Be Monsters (UK)
Rollercoaster are the european contribution to the new announced front of american bands, lead by White Stripes and The Strokes. 5/6. Panorama (Norway)
Rollercoaster has the definitive garage sound for sure, but the influences are also psychedelic and surfy…good musician ship, sort of loose but groove oriented…good raw energy throughout. Stonerrock
Unambitious and blunt in the style-genuine, but quite effective sound of scrap iron workstation cheap with continuous fuzz guitars and occasional, beautifully hypnotics applications (“Nosebleeding” and “Grown up Wrong “). 10/12
Visions (Germany)
The whole record breaths the atmosphere of a dark jazz-club, a bit shady but above all things very stylish. Soaked in acid, fuzz & psychedelia, always edgy but never dirty. Smoothly grooving & rolling on soul. Very sophisticated, very beautiful. 90/100. Aardschok (NL & Belgium)
Rollercoaster’s dark and hypnotic trip is the soundtrack to the American nightmare; chaos and decline. Its psychedelic coda is the invitation for a burning sex orgy. Roadburn (NL & Belgium)
Whatever you do – don’t miss this album! 5/5 Stoner Planet (Sweden)
High Society costituisce una conferma inequivocabile delle capacità del trio, evidenti non solo rispetto alla scena autoctona ma anche nel ben più competitivo contesto internazionale. Mucchio (It)
I Rollercoaster sono titolari di un CD d’esordio che è un vero gioiello. Un debutto di livello internazionale. Rumore (It)
High Society è una prova matura e convincente. Rockerilla (It)
Undici tracce che bruciano nell’acido. Finalmente l’Italia ha partorito un gruppo totalmente appartenente al panorama musicale internazionale. Jam (It)

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