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Defining Suiteside a record label (indie record label?) would be reductive.
Pressing and selling cds is it doesn’t make much sense in 2009.

tjbkopietnEven when we started this unusual and challenging business in the year 2000, we used to take care of our bands live booking and promotion too.
Suiteside’s goal is to develop in any possible way the growth of the bands we’re working with, from touring to recordings to communication and promotion.
We want each of our artists to achieve the maximum individually, keeping an highly recognisable style in the way we do things.

And our style is to be serious and professional, but never forgetting we’re in it for the fun and for the chances of being saranzatncreative and not-frustated human beings, more than just for the money. (definitely, r’n’r is about finding your way of being extraordinary, yes!)

Our back catalogue features great releases as Rollercoaster, The Candies, Lo-fi Sucks!, Morose, Mr.Henry, The Juniper Band, Blown Paper Bags, Prague, the “Playing the Indie Game” project, In My Room, Hollowblue.

exmodelstnSuiteside actively works as Booking Agency as well, with established connections and partnerships with other european and worldwide bookers.
We can proudly say we can be adviced as one of the best and more reliable italian booking agencies.
Our credits list encloses names like Atombombpocketknife, The Telescopes, Will E. Withmore, New Black, Xiu Xiu, Ex Models, Swearing at Motorists, Azure Ray, Notekillers, Patrick Wolf, Mono, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, APSE, Lisa Papineau, Barbez and many others.

bctnEven as booking agency we like to think and act from a 360° point of view, so if you are a label/band willing to tour Italy feel free to contact us about PR plans (fitting your needs and budget) helping to develop your audience and your media feedback before the tour.

Keep your eyes wide and your ears open!

Monica M – Suiteside label manager


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