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The Candies/ABPK “This Is Dance Time”

CD SINGLE (slim jewelbox)
CAT: N.: SS007
BARCODE: 8024365600752
PRICE: 3,00 €








Tracklisting: Atombombpocketknife – Napoleone il Cowboy e lo Zar
The Candies – 24mila baci


Adriano Celentano is a kind of italian living freak legend. An ecologist before the word was in use, an hippie that payed Jesus Christ-like roles in blockbuster films conceived and directed by his Clan, a pacifist who sang contagious rock’n’roll anthems improvising non-sense rhymes in fictious english.
The Candies and Chicago’s Atombombpocketknife (Southern Rec.) pay tribute turning upside down two of his songs, drenching them with walls of guitars and nervous drums in today’s best r’n’r style.
This Is Dance Time is an exhilarating Must for all your parties.
Limited edition pressing for the double bill italian/swiss winter tour 2003.


 I Candies e gli Atombombpocketknife (indimenticato trio di Chicago su Southern Rec.) alle prese con due tracce, la celeberrima 24milaBaci e l’oscura Napoleone, il Cowboy e lo Zar, ripescate direttamente dagli inossidabili anni ’60 di Adriano Celentano, quando la Tv di Stato regalava ancora sprazzi di pop culture memorabile, e i juke box macinavano rock’n’roll.
Un divertissement, più che un “tributo”, nato quasi per caso e dato alle stampe in occasione del winter tour che ha riunito sui palchi italiani e svizzeri, a fine gennaio 2003, la band di Chicago e il trio di Varese.
L’Adriano (inter)Nazionale rivisitato nella più pura attitudine punk rock.
Un must per ogni indie rock party.


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