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Thee Piatcions

liverpoolbwThee Piatcions

Franci: guitar and voice

Carellino: drums

Davide: bass

Skaio: keyboards

Hometown: Domodossola

File under: garage rock, psychedelia, shoegazing


englishThee Piatcions are a 4 piece garage/psych/shoegazing band from Domodossola, a small town between the mountains in Northern Italy, not far from Switzerland but close to Milan as well. These young boys have style indeed. In love with the 60’s garage sound, but with a Mod attitude, they are open minded enough to absorb in their sound modern elements as the fucked up cool spacey lesson of Jesus & Mary Chain and The Warlocks, along with the groove of bands like The Hives and The Strokes. “Fireworks Generation” – the debut 7″ – was recorded fully analogic at the Inside-Outside Studios in Montebelluna (Treviso), owned by Mojomatics. And it was a 3 days / not-sleep recording sessions! ). Thee Piatcions have been selected for the 2009 Liverpool edition of the International Pop Overthrow Festival, with shows scheduled at the legendary The Cavern Club.

italiaThee Piatcions hanno stile. Hanno registrato il 7″ d’esordio “Fireworks Generation” a Montebelluna, presso gli Outside-Inside Studios dei Mojomatics. Hanno fra i 20 e 24 anni. Vivono in Ossola, zona di laghi e montagne ma a uno sputo da Milano. Suonano garage (quello 60’s dei 13th Floor Elevators ma con la testa mod), ascoltano Jesus & Mary Chain, Warlocks, ma anche The Hives e The Strokes. Si conoscono da una vita, almeno Davide e Franci, Skaio suona anche con The Preachers, ma più che alle proprie facce sulle copertine dei mags o in TV la loro idea di rock’n’roll corrisponde a bottiglie di whisky, palchi affollati di cavi, amplificatori vintage e notti in bianco.

“Fireworks Generation” esce per Suiteside, con distribuzione in Francia, Svezia e Germania a cura di Go! Down.

Thee Piatcions si sentono parte della Fireworks Generation, ma non sono un fuoco d’artificio.

Invitati a suonare all’ International Pop Overthrow Festival,  il 23 Maggio 2009 si esibiranno presso lo storico The Cavern Club di Liverpool.







CAT N.: SSD008



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