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Enrico Boccioletti: voice, guitar
Ernesto Marchetti: guitar
Damiano Simoncini: drums

englishDamien* are a trio from Pesaro, Italy, a small and charming town beside the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Active since 2002, they play noisy power rock with melodic tunes. They’re electric and groovy and scruffy and savage. They have clever lyrics, but they’re not poseurs. Nor the name of the band nor the postponed asterisk tend to have a precise meaning, but they are a curious result of a crazy mixture of chance nature and laziness; that’s the funny thing: you’ve got a name and not even know why….and they love to set the stage on fire, LOTS of stages on fire, actually, and this is the main reason why they joined Suiteside in mid-2007.
Mart/Art (March 2008) is the official debut album for Damien*, after two self-released EPs. The album features 11 tracks, recorded and mixed at the end of October 2007 by Rico from Uochi Tochi at Fiscerprais Studios in Pontecurone (AL).country
Alessandro Baronciani (of the noise-hardcore band Altro) signed the artwork.
Countless gigs in Italy followed the released (to be not-forgotten: Miami and Heineken Jamming Festival), supported by fans from the media world as well. Late 2008 is the time for a move to new territories. The digital release of a remixes’ EP was available for free download in late September (by Tarick1, Uochi Tochi, Overmood, Razorblade, Xanax).
The song “Fix It!”, also selected for the 5th Sept. shot of the Shifty Disco digital singles club, was also chosen for the second videoclip from Mart/Art (after “Bunburying”), playlisted by italian music TVs.
Emboyding the solo electronic experience of Enrico under the moniker “Death in Plains” (now on UK label Disc Error), Damien* entered Vacuum Studios in Bologna in June ’09, to record the new album “Crippled Cute” with Settlefish’s Bruno Germano (Disco Drive, My Awesome Mixtape, Blake/e/e…). It’s an album of shining indie pop songs, footed in the punk/wave age with lots of guitars and catchy tunes, the heart in the ’90s and the hands in the new century, and with more and more blogs and webzines around the world in love with the single “Confidants” it looks it’s time for the guys to reach higher grounds.


“Crippled Cute” il titolo del nuovo album dei Damien*, in uscita a Ottobre per Suiteside/Audioglobe.
11 le tracce, Bruno Germano (Settlefish) al mixer dei Vacuum Studio di Bologna (Disco Drive,
Blake/e/e/e, My Awesome Mixtape, Egle Sommacal).
Per i Damien* è indubbiamente il lavoro della maturità dopo l’irruente Mart/Art, l’energia del trio è ora
incanalata in brani immediati ma non semplici, curati nelle voci e negli arrangiamenti, adatti alle radio
come agli indie clubs, col cuore nei ’90s (Weezer, Pavement, Modest Mouse) le mani nel nuovo secolo
(Klaxons, Foals) e gli occhi ogni tanto rivolti verso la punta delle scarpe in stile nu-gaze.
Tutto inizia nel 2001 a Pesaro, con l’anno successivo anche i primi concerti.
damien01Da allora i Damien* non hanno più smesso di farne, aprendo fra gli altri gli show di Linea 77, Meganoidi, Karate, Offlaga Disco Pax, Pete and the Pirates, These Are Powers.
Nel 2005 hanno la soddisfazione di partecipare al “Rock Tv Tour” e al programma “Demo” su Rai Radio 1, di poter registrare la cover di “Non è Francesca” (Lucio Battisti) insieme a Marco Sanchioni per la compilation uscita con “Il Mucchio Extra”.
Hanno registrato un demo tra il 2001 e il 2002 (“Sensation / senseless ?!”) e un album autoprodotto alla fine del 2003 (“Let us pretend we are kings”). Nella tarda estate del 2006 esce l’ep “Flame thrower, April shower”, autoprodotto e home-recorded.
A inizio 2007 arriva l’accordo con Suiteside, che porta alla registrazione di “Mart/Art” a fine ottobre
presso i Fiscerprais Studios di Pontecurone (AL) di Riccardo Gamondi (Uochi Tochi).
La grafica del cd – nei negozi a Marzo 2008 – è stata curata da Alessandro Baronciani.
“Fix It!” è stato selezionata dalla Shifty Disco di Oxford per il Download Singles Club.



FORMAT: CD Cartoon Sleeve
CAT N.: SS016
OUT: OCTOBER 15th, 2009



CAT N.: SSD007
OUT: MARCH 10th, 2008


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